Design Engineer. Psychologist.

Product designer and front-end engineer, with a background in psychology, driven by a humanistic and multidisciplinary approach. Among other things, I guess.

  • Built my first attempt-at-a-website on a Pentium II last century.
  • Background in Psychology. Yet to work in it.
  • 12+ years building software and teams.
  • Enjoy working in the liminality of design and technology.
    • Joined a startup in 2015, backed by Google for Startups.
    • Co-founded Etéreo in 2017, a remote software engineering team.
    • Co-founded Arbitrum Alliance in 2021 to boost the Arbitrum community.
    • Co-created Tangleverse to support IOTA and Shimmer projects.

Currently at Zeal, a self-custodial wallet enabling seamless DeFi management and direct crypto spending. I am also co-founder of Etéreo, a software engineering team of 32.

Connect on Read.CV or email me at hayder@hey.com.