What I do now.

This is a Now page inspired by the author Derek Sivers where I share news from my day to day more updated than my About page.

  • 14
    Jan 11, 2023

    Reading "Other Minds" by Peter Godfrey-Smith

    A book recommended by my great friend Gabriel Mezger that talks about the life of the cephalopods.

  • 11
    Jan 10, 2023

    A random curiosity

    Just realized that "Amable" (Kind) in Spanish means: "Digno de ser amado" (Worthy of being loved).

  • 08
    Jan 08, 2023

    These Prose people

    People moving around Prose.sh are those balding bearded men like me who feel social anxiety on Twitter's party.

  • 05
    Jan 05, 2023

    The ghosts of programming

    Programming a calendar (well) is one of those ghost things that you think you can do in 2 hours and spend 2 weeks with it.

  • 02
    Jan 04, 2023

    Updates stickers

    I just implemented these stickers with personal and professional updates. A bit of everything.

  • 13
    Jan 11, 2023

    Added Originals

    Take a look at the new item from my Originals portfolio. An NFT collection on the IOTA Network.

  • 10
    Jan 09, 2023

    Font Loading

    Even 7 years after it was published, this font optimization guide by Zach Leatherman is still key.

  • 07
    Jan 07, 2023

    Walk, breathe fresh air and stop thinking

    Taking an hour walk with your dog through the countryside on a winter day is the best productive hack you can do.

  • 04
    Jan 05, 2023

    A personal reminder

    Don't depend on anyone for anything you really want to do, much less for your professional growth.

  • 01
    Jan 03, 2023

    New personal site

    I've updated my website to show the projects in which I have worked in recent years.

  • 12
    Jan 11, 2023

    Published on Prose

    I have written a few lines in my Prose blog about the nostalgia of web 2.0 and the new internet.

  • 09
    Jan 09, 2023

    NextJS Contexts

    The "contexts" in NextJS are totally glorious.

  • 06
    Jan 07, 2023

    Who said Now Page?

    This page is starting to look more like Twitter than a Now Page. But I like it that way.

  • 03
    Jan 04, 2023

    A personal reminder

    Stop drinking coffee or stimulants at least 10 hours before going to sleep. You don't have to be ultra focused all day.

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